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Andrew Connor, CM CM/E CM/F

Connor Mediation


Missoula, MT 59801

Andrew Connor is a certified mediator with hundreds of hours of training and conflict resolution work in courts, communities, families, workplaces and other settings. He has experience managing complex disputes with compassion, clarity and creativity, and has a proven track record of helping parties navigate difficult issues. Andrew has successfully mediated cases involving business disputes, divorce, workplace conflicts, family disagreements, landlord/tenant issues, property lawsuits, community challenges, and more. He is a board member of the Montana Mediation Association and was named Missoula's Justice Court Mediator of the Year in 2017.

In addition to foundational training in advanced mediation, Andrew has received specialized training in divorce and parenting plans, workplace dispute resolution, and elder mediation. He is a certified family and elder mediator, and his training meets or exceeds all national standards for certification.

Andrew is willing to travel or conduct a virtual mediation over the phone or through video-conferencing if an in-person mediation is not possible.

Whether you have a situation that has ended up in court, or you are attempting to proactively address a dispute before it becomes more severe, please consider using mediation to resolve your conflict as constructively as possible.

Andrew is also a trained facilitator, and an organizational development and strategic planning consultant. For more information, please visit:

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