The Community Dispute Resolution Center is holding a mediation training July 28th - August 1st

Missoula, MT at the Solstice Building.


  Training in Basic Mediation (24 hours): July 28 through July 30


Training in Advanced Mediation (16 hours): July 31 through August 1

Register for both, or take either as a stand-alone course.


 Registration for the Advanced course requires either completion of the Basic curriculum, or previous education or experience in mediation.


The costs are $600 for the Basic course, and $300 for the Advanced, $900 for both.


Please contact the Community Dispute Resolution Center by e-mail or by phone for more information. 406-543-1157 or


40-Hour Fundamentals of Mediation Course
Spring Class 2014 — May 8, 9, 10 & 22, 23
 Basic Mediation Training will be held in Bozeman at the Center for Collaborative Solutions.
This is an intensively interactive 5-day course designed for anyone interested in acquiring and developing the essential skills and techniques of successful mediators.

This course includes:
  • Skills and techniques for mediating effectively
  • Hands-on role plays and exercises to promote learning
  • Audio and visual lecture presentations

The class is taught in two segments: a 4-day class followed by a later 5th day training.  The 5th day is designed to supplement the  4-day class and provide a complete 40-hour basic training.
The Center for Collaborative Solutions is a group of dispute resolution professionals with extensive training and experience in the broad spectrum of dispute resolution processes. Our skills and services include mediation training, mediation, arbitration, settlement conferences, consensus building and facilitation. 


The State Bar of Montana Family Law Section Presents...

...A two part live webinar training series on

Mediating Cases Touched by Domestic Violence

PART I: February 20, 2014; 8:30 a.m. to 12 Noon

Judge Russell Fagg, P. Mars Scott, and Simon T. Fickinger

PART II: February 27, 2014; 8:30 a.m. to 12 Noon

Kevin Boileau and Nazarita Goldhammer

State Bar members may register online, on our website, using your Pre-Assigned User Name and Password, (call 406-442-7660 if you don’t know it.)

In the alternative, mail your name, address, phone, email and a check for $150,
to the State Bar, PO Box 577, Helena, MT 59624, no later than February 14, 2014


Contact:  Simon Fickinger



 This information is being forwarded on to you without an evaluation or endorsement by the Montana Mediation Association.  Providing our members with possibly interesting information regarding mediation related events around the state is a valuable service we provide to our members.  Please contact the presenters directly for further information. 


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