MEDIATION: An innovative model of dispute resolution achieving newfound success as a key alternative to expensive litigation. Benefits of mediation include greater control over outcomes, for those involved in the dispute, a faster resolution, and a less expensive process.

MtMA: Empowering People Since 1998
Montana Mediation Association (MtMA) was established in 1998 to promote and facilitate mediation as a viable alternative to litigation. Founded upon principles of education, networking, best practices, and professional ethics, MtMA helps shape policy and legislation while promoting the value and relevance of mediation throughout Montana.


2015 Annual MtMA Conference



May 15 & 16, 2015


Due to on February 1, 2015 

2 VOLUNTEERS WANTED to help with the conference. Contact or 406-437-2090

1.   Approximately 20 hours of assistance is needed between May 10 - 16, 2015. Assistance is needed with technology, conference environment, and speakers.

2.    Assistance with participant comforts such as food, breaks, sponsors and entertainment. Approximately 20 hours needed between May 10-16



The MTMA board is considering changes to its election procedures. Stay tuned for upcoming information! 


Montana Mediation Association’s Certified Mediator designation (CM) is an acknowledged mark of expertise and professionalism. MtMA confers the highly esteemed CM designation only upon the successful completion of an extensive mediation curriculum and substantial experiential requirements.
 a CM is an Expert Mediator
Too often, divorce proceedings and child-custody disputes take place in an unnecessary adversarial forum when families are navigating the dissolution of a marriage. Family mediation is the preferred alternative to expensive, court appearances. Mediation provides compassionate support to help parents customize parenting plans to their family’s unique and individualized needs. Family Certified Mediators must complete additional, family-centered training, with mentored involvement, before working with children and families.
a CM is an invaluable resource to resolve
conflict before entering the courtroom
Regardless of the diversity of specializations present within our profession, the CM designation represents a higher standard of core knowledge for mediation practitioners. Annual, continuing education requirements augment the respected CM designation ensuring MtMA mediators reflect the highest caliber of best practices.
whatever the conflict: Choose an Expert ~ Choose a CM!


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